Rock Climbing

Tranquilitas is one of South Africa’s premier spots for sport climbing. The campsite is a stones throw away from the crags so no long walks are needed.

The Waterval Boven area has over 600 excellent quality sport routes on hard sandstone. Access to the crags are a few minutes walk. There is signage that will lead you from Tranquilitas camp to the different crags.

Unlike many other climbing destinations, the mostly ideal weather conditions make for enjoyable rock climbing all year round. As Tranquilitas is at 1700m above sea level, it rarely gets too hot. An added bonus, is that most of the crags are in the shade by midday as they are east and south-east facing.

Route Guide – We use “The Crag” online route guide.

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We have asked a few of our regular climbers to recommend some routes for first time visitors. Here are their lists.

Cally & Dane Bishop

Cally is general manager at CityRock Climbing Gyms. Cally, Dane and Dash spends all their off time in the mountains.

Never rock climbed, but keen to try? If you would like to give rock climbing a try, we recommend that you book an introductory course at one of the CityRock Climbing Gyms.

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Ivan van der Tang

Ivan has been a regular at Tranquilitas for more than 10 years. He climbs for Scarpa, Black Diamond, Beal, Jetboil, Vango

The routes I chose are the most enjoyable routes that iv tried and done. For me boven is all about the long routes, ground till right at the top, the most exposure and most consistent climbing for the grade. Extremely difficult to pick 10 but those were the ones that I remembered the most.

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Daleen van der Merwe

South-African Rock Climbing crusher queen - Daleen van der Merwe suggested the following midrange grade routes

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Tristan van der Merwe

Tristan spent more than a year on a rock climbing road trip. To be honest we are not sure if his road trip ever ended. The first 3 months he stayed at Tranquilitas (what a life?) These are some of the routes he recommends.

He did comment the following when we asked him for his list: "Oof, this is something that would cause some fights at the campfire."

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