Trail Running

Tranquilitas has a variety of trails to run which range from beginner-level to advanced. The trail distances vary from 3 km to 38 km and from 1 hour to 6 hours.

Trail Running

Secret Forest

  • (Blue Arrows) 7km

Very popular beginner trail. Start at the Trail Entrance of Tranquilitas Farm, snake up the path following the blue arrows. Follow the single track through the Forest and out onto the escarpment with good viewpoints. This takes you on a downhill  through the forest, past some rusted old car wrecks and down through the grassland, back to farm gate.

Trail Running


  • (Red Arrows) 12.5km

Start this trail at the Trail entrance, follow the red arrows into the forest. Follow red arrows up a good forest climb, passing the Boer War graves and through the gap in the old stone wall. As you exit the next forest you cross a cattle bridge and follow single track through the grassland with some amazing views of the Elandsvalley. Then up to the top of the koppie with a 360degree view of the countryside. Back in the forest heading towards the farm gate.

Trail Running

Trail X

  • (Orange Arrows) 2,5km one way – 5 km return

Down the timber catwalk towards the waterfall, over the bridge and keeping right split onto the bike trail for some more bridge crossings and great views of the indigenous forest and streams. Take the trail back in reverse or take the steep jeep track to the top of the ridge.

Trail Running

The Gink

  • (Pink arrows) 18km 349m elevation
  • Easy (most popular route)

Start as per the Secret Forest and follow the pink arrows, this route will take you into the Sappi forest with some amazing views of the hidden valley above Waterval Boven. Combination of Jeep track and downhill sections through the newly planted forest.

Trail Running

Mountain Traverse aka Geelslang

  • (Yellow arrows) 42 km 986m elevation
  • Moderate/difficult/strenuous

This is the longest and most strenuous route in the Tranquilitas trail network. But definitely well worth the effort. This trail takes you to the highest point on the opposite ridge, with spectacular views. An exciting run on the ridge through a long singletrack section of grassland and then a heart stopping 5km drop to the river crossing.  A 7km uphill back to the campsite * will be rewarded with a coffee or cold drink at the reception hut. * Turn left off the dirt road, just after the municipal dump. This will take you onto the Rim trail. (Much better than the dirt road)

Trail Running

Tranquilitas Rim

  • (Red Arrows) 8 km return
  • Intermediate/Advanced

At the entrance to the main gate of Tranquilitas farm (opposite old farmhouse) – The trail starts and follows the cliff edge with amazing views of the Elandsvalley for 5km and exits onto the road above the rubbish dump. Turn around and back to the camp.