Mountain Biking

Tranquilitas Mountain Biking trails offer what few trail centers have. 80km of single-track at an altitude of 1600m to 2000m above sea level. Not many trail centers have 4-5km of downhill flow-runs, Tranquilitas has 4 such lines where not a single pedal-stroke is required to descend the entire run. These trails cater for all skill levels and can be ridden with most bikes. Shuttle services are offered to groups on request.

All riders must have permits. Riding permits are available from Tranquilitas Farm Coffee shop.

  • Day permit R60,
  • 2-Day permit R90
  • Week permit R160

Due to the altitude riding is possible year round, but conditions can change dramatically. In summer and spring be prepared for rain and thunderstorms in the late afternoons, whilst winter has more stable weather albeit cooler in the mornings.

Mountain Biking

The Gink

  • (Pink arrows) 18km 349m elevation
  • Easy

Start as per the Secret Forest and follow the pink arrows, this route will take you into the Sappi forest with some amazing views of the hidden valley above Waterval Boven. Combination of Jeep track and downhill singletrack sections through the pine forest.

Lots of singletrack amongst the pine forests with relatively easy climbs and flowing downhills to finish on the secret forest downhill back to the campsite.

Mountain Biking

Secret Forest

  • (Blue Arrows) 7km 99m elevation
  • Beginner/Intermediate

Start at the Trail Entrance of Tranquilitas Farm, snake up the path following the blue arrows.

Follow the single track through the Forest and out onto the escarpment for an enjoyable ride with good viewpoints.  3km of fast downhill singletrack through the forest and down through the grassland switchbacks, back to farm gate.

Mountain Biking


  • (Red Arrows) 12.5km 100m elevation
  • Intermediate/Technical

Start this trail at the Trail entrance, follow the red arrows into the forest. Take the red split left over the log ride bridge, follow red arrows up a good forest climb, passing the Boer War graves and through the gap in the old stone wall. This is followed by some fast flowing trail through the forest to join up with the Forest blue loop until just past the lookout point where the trails split. As you exit the next forest you cross a cattle bridge and follow single track through the grassland with some amazing views of the Elandsvalley. You then climb steeply up to the top of the koppie with a 360degree view of the countryside. A fast drop through the old quarry will see you back in the forest heading towards some of the steep descents with a few drop-offs and some fun berms. A great fast trail back to the farm gate.

Mountain Biking

Black Magic

  • (Black Arrows) 4.5km
  • Intermediate/Advanced

Opposite the start of the Red and Blue routes on the right hand side of the road is the Black trail. The route climbs easily up through the field. Joins the Blue and Red trails for a short section in the forest. The trail then crosses the log ride and climbs up to the gap in the stone wall. Here it splits left through a rock garden for a short section. Down rocky drop offs and at the bottom splits right over the bridge. Steep bridge drops follow, narrow bridges, fast downhill enduro type track to the trail start.

Mountain Biking

Trail X

  • (Orange Arrows) 2,5km
  • Strenuous/Advanced

Start as per the green trail and split right towards the waterfall. Be aware that the trail is shared for a short section with climbers and hikers. Down the timber catwalk towards the waterfall, over the bridge and keeping right split onto the bike trail for some more bridge crossings, serious switchbacks and great views of the indigenous forest and streams. Ride the trail back in reverse or take the steep jeep track to the top of the ridge.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Traverse aka Geelslang

  • (Yellow arrows) 42 km 986m elevation
  • Moderate/difficult/strenuous

This is the longest and most strenuous route in the Tranquilitas trail network. But definitely well worth the effort. This trail takes you to the highest point on the opposite ridge, with spectacular views. An exciting run through the Pine plantation on the ridge through a long singletrack section of grassland and then a heart stopping 5km drop to the river crossing. A great long downhill, with little or no time to enjoy the view. A relaxed climb back to the campsite * will be rewarded with a coffee or cold drink at the reception hut.

* Turn left off the dirt road, just after the municipal dump. This will take you onto the Rim trail, which you will be riding in reverse to the campsite. (Much better than riding the dirt road)

Mountain Biking

The Candy store – Fireball, Gobstopper & Gumdrop

  • (Purple Arrows) 3,8km to 4,5km
  • Moderate/difficult/strenuous

These 3 runs measuring from 3,8km to 4,5km with elevation drops of over 9.5%. They all start quite close to each other and although they go off in different directions all finish together at the pick-up point.

Mountain Biking

Long Drop

  • (Red Arrows) 12.5km 750m Decent
  • Intermediate/Technical

Booking is Essential

The long drop is a 12,5 km 750 m decent that starts at the very top of the Sappi forest trails. The ride includes Gobstopper, Shrooms, Black Magic, Trail-X and then down the gorge to Rockydrift for lunch. After lunch you will be shuttled back to Tranquilitas. R400 ( Price includes 3 shuttles to top, lift from Rockydrift back to Tranquilitas + burger at Rockydrift)

Family members can hike down to Rockdrift or drive and spend the day. There are lovely pools, a jungle gym, a trampoline a beautiful river and hiking trails. Day rate of R100.00 per adult, children under 12 are free.

Mountain Biking

Tranquilitas Rim

  • (Red Arrows) 8 km return
  • Intermediate/Advanced

At the entrance to the main gate of Tranquilitas farm (opposite old farmhouse & climbers parking) The trail starts and follows the cliff edge for 5km and exits onto the road above the rubbish dump. Can be ridden both ways.