Boven (now Emgwenya) used to be an old railway town, but now masquerades as a scenic tourist spot perched on the very edge of the Highveld escarpment, roughly 260km from Johburg. Locals say it is a 'drinking town with a climbing problem', and the dramatic crags on the outskirts of town make it obvious why Boven is internationally famous as a rock-climbing destination.

Tranquilitas is one of South Africa's premier spots for sport climbing. The Waterval Boven area has over 600 excellent quality sport routes on hard sandstone. Access to the crags are a few minutes walk.

Unlike many other climbing destinations, the mostly ideal weather conditions make for enjoyable rock climbing all year round. As Tranquilitas is at 1700m above sea level, it rarely gets too hot. An added bonus is that most of the crags are in the shade by midday as they are east and south-east facing

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